Ella’s Pocket Journal

A couple weeks back, I was approached by a coworker to make a book for her daughter’s First Holy Communion.

Creating this book for Ella was a first. I’m so used to creating wedding guestbooks that I’d forgotten about the other milestones. I wasn’t sure what all entailed a “communion book,” but my coworker was flexible. She wanted a book that Ella could take to Ireland (where her grandparents live) to show them who attended the First Holy Communion party. She also wanted the book to serve as a journal of sorts.

It’s been a while since I was nine (20 years, in fact), and so I had to access the younger side of my brain. I asked my coworker: what are Ella’s favorite colors? And what do kids that age like? She replied, saying, “Ella likes primary colors like red, blue and yellow.”

I scoured PaperSource that afternoon, and this paper caught my eye. I liked how the silver stars reflected yellow when turned different ways. And the blue was apparent, though darker than I may have liked. Still, I purchased the paper and was quite happy with the way it turned out.

4-25-14: Pocket journal for a First Holy Communion party.

4-25-14: Pocket journal for a First Holy Communion party.

I actually stitched together this entire text block while on the phone with my mom. (Yes, that’s how long we talk!). I used regular 8.5 x 11 cardstock, folded it in half and stitched it together using book string. I glued the spine before placing it into the book press overnight. Two days later, I completed the rest of the book — cutting the book board, gluing the paper and spine (a maroon book cloth). I also attached a headband at the top and bottom of the book, to hide the gaps. Again, I placed in the book press over night.

4-25-14: Pocket journal for a First Holy Communion party.

4-25-14: Pocket journal for a First Holy Communion party.

This is one of my more favorite books. I like the playful nature of the stars and the less formal look. It was also fun stitching together a textbook. That practice is pretty soothing. I’m happy that word is spreading around the office about my handmade books. That means more projects in the future!


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