An Anniversary Book

Facebook is such a funny thing. Because of it’s wide social reach, I’ve been able to make books for all sorts of people. That’s how this anniversary book came to me. It might be, perhaps, the most beautiful book I’ve ever made:


Through Facebook, I reconnected with Nicole, an old friend from college. I always thought Nicole was super cool and, after we graduated, I continued to keep tabs on her through social media. I admired her commitment to health and eventually messaged her about it. That turned into a conversation about books. She was planning two big parties: an anniversary party for her parents and her own wedding. She wanted books for each.

She sent me a slew of images of her parents from when they were first married. The images had a very Mod feel, and Nicole indicated that she wanted to use colors like pink and gold. When I found this paper, I knew it was perfect. I sent her a few images from the store, and she was a fan. I ended up snagging these in Philadelphia – for my fellow paper lovers – at Artist and Craftsman.


Nicole said the purpose of the book would be two-fold: it would serve as a guestbook to collect messages, and it would eventually hold photos from the party. Because of these factors, I went with a pre-made text block from Paper Source. I have used these in the past and have been impressed by their durability. The inside pages are thick but flexible. The pages are also lined with a protective, waxy-type of paper which preserves the photos and ink quite well. While these wax pages are occasionally hard to maneuver, they make for a better book in the end.


This book is not only pretty … but it was also incredibly easy to make! Sometimes I struggle with certain books. Either I rush and make mistakes, or I’m tired … and also make mistakes. Oh, the woes of being an evening bookbinder. But with this book, everything went smoothly. My only complaint is with the book cloth I used. It wasn’t as smooth-looking as other raw silk cloth. However, this was the only color that matched, so I went with it. In the end, it should hold up, but this time of cloth is more prone to blemishes from glue.


Overall, it was a joy to make this book for an old friend. And the fun will continue as I get to make a beautiful book for Nicole’s special day. Cheers to old friends and handmade books!


2 thoughts on “An Anniversary Book

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  2. I just wanted to thank you for our beautiful Anniversary Book. Nicole was so excited about it and for good reason. I can’t wait to fill it with our pictures from the special party our children had for us. Thanks again.

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