Theresa & Dennis

This book was a very special one. I’ve known Theresa for nearly a decade. And, over the past three years, I’ve been able to watch love grow between her and Dennis.


Theresa and Dennis are the kind of couple that just fit together. When you see them together, it just makes sense. Both silly, goofy and full of life, they complement each other well. I remember seeing them at a wedding over the summer, and I said to Thre, “I totally understand why you’re with Dennis.” He’s ridiculous in every way — just like her — but has a warm and loving spirit, too.

What makes this union extra special is the bond I share with Theresa. She’s been like a sister to me over the years. I’ve gone on vacation with her family, spent weekends at her house in Virginia and have had endless porch chats with her in Pittsburgh. Throughout the years, we shared our dating woes, and she gave me advice (and vice versa) on multiple occasions. That’s why it was especially exciting to share in her big day. She is a person so deserving of a love like this, and I’m so happy she found Dennis.

All of that said, I was more than honored to be asked to make their wedding guest book. Theresa said, “I want a Huber original!” so I knew I had to deliver 🙂 We discussed wedding colors and settled upon purple, blue and silver. The perfect winter wedding scheme. To save on materials, I ended up using the same book cloth I used for Dara and Calvin’s book.


I loved the way the book turned out. Silver paper was the right choice. I coordinated with Theresa and Dennis and they helped to select the paper. I love the way the silver stands out — looks almost like icy snow.


This book was a little different. Instead of blank pages, I included photos of Theresa and Dennis throughout the book. The idea was that wedding guests could share their memories of Theresa and Dennis. This is much more personal than just signing names in a book that you don’t really look at again. Instead, it’s like an album they can reread throughout time.


These photos are a little yellow — forgive that. But I ended up adding some extra elements to the book and snapped these images late at night (bad lighting). I bought some snowflakes at Paper Source, along with a snowflake puncher. I ended up creating a little display of snowflakes on the front of the book, along with their initials. For an extra sparkle, I added a few stickles (glitter). I loved the way it turned out.


I was so happy to be able to share in Theresa and Dennis’ big day in this way. And I had a blast at the wedding! Congratulations, you two!


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