Another Book for Princeton

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The holidays came and went. There was much traveling, celebration and cheer. And, in the midst of it all, I made another book for Princeton. It’s nice collaborating with Princeton, especially now that I’m living in the town and working at the university. This memory book was identical to the one I created in May of this year, except for a different recipient. I used leftover materials from the first book including raw silk, book board and orange and yellow headbands.ImageI had about five days to complete this book, and that seemed to be sufficient. A night of sewing the pages together, followed by a night of cutting board and gluing the silk. Then, another day and night to dry and fix any needed corrections. Ample time for pressing. I worked again with Meredith from Up Down Press and Bindery, a colleague of mine from graduate school. While I worked on the book, Meredith constructed a beautiful clamshell box, complete with compartments to hold CDs. I am consistently amazed and impressed with Meredith’s work, and I enjoy collaborating with her when I can. Plus, together we get projects done more efficiently. ImageThere’s something beautiful about a book that’s so simple. I feel it causes the reader to really pay attention to the contents inside. Rather than being too focused on the exterior, it forces one to look within. It’s quite appropriate, too, if you are unaware of a client’s tastes or preferences. You just can’t go wrong with black.


These photos don’t quite give the book justice, unfortunately. My camera is in not-so-great shape, so it’s been hard to document my work. Nevertheless, I was happy with the way this turned out. I hope the recipient enjoyed an extra-special, handmade Christmas gift this year.